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Take Over Payments

I need to sell my house; can someone just take over my mortgage payments?


You can let someone take over your payments. Buyers are attracted by your monthly payment terms (your current PITI payment) and buyers bring money to the deal to pay for transaction costs.

Have Someone Take Over Your House Payments Fast!

You get to move on with your life and achieve benefits of selling a home quickly, such as:

  • Stop making double payments if you have already moved to a new house.
  • Don't take a hit on your credit score for just walking away.
  • Stop worrying about what to do.
  • Getting the price you need to cover your existing loan.

Sell your house quickly!

This is a great option that many real estate agents don't understand and the agents will often do whatever they can to discourage sellers from taking advantage of it.This can happen even when having someone take over your payments is absolutely the best option available to you.

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